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Come motorcycling in Tropical North Queensland . . . The only location on Earth where
two World Heritage wilderness areas - The Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rainforest - overlap.
Port Douglas Lookout; Cape Tribulation Road; Yarrabah Peninsula & The Coral Sea; The Mossman River; the Millaa Millaa Waterfall Circuit
Welcome to Tropical North Queensland, Australia's Motorcycling Destination...
where the sparkling Coral Sea sizzles on ivory carpet beaches beneath lush rainforest-smothered mountains; the whole backed by the stark ruggedness of the Outback.
Weaving amid this wild profusion of ancient and endemic flora and fauna is a scribbled matrix of coastal, mountain, highland and Outback roads that are absolute heaven to ride on a motorcycle. The roads are endlessly involving; the views hypnotically beautiful. Finally, a motorcycling destination to delight both rider AND passenger!
 Year-round Tropical Warmth, Quiet Roads ... and Solid Local Knowledge
Best of all, the weather is gloriously warm all year round and traffic laughably light so instead of shivering and elbowing through gridlock at home, join one of our guided or self-guided motorcycle tours for an in-depth insider's perspective on Tropical North Queensland's natural wonders.

We are keen local motorcyclists and naturalists with a wealth of knowledge to share on the most scenic and involving riding routes; hidden wildlife nooks; most delicious local tropical fare and most comfortable and characterful accommodation and side trip options.
A Feast for
all Five Senses
If the Great Barrier Reef and adjacent Daintree Rainforest are Tropical North Queensland's signature drawcards, the best way to truly immerse yourself in these natural wonders is to tour by motorcycle. Only on a bike can you revel in this natural feast for the senses ...
The Sights are unparalleled - rainforest-smothered mountains marching down to meet palm-lined beaches. Rainforest-feathered mountain passes. Explosions of colour and diversity. Wildlife in rude profusion - lots of it overhead, in the shape of soaring raptors, giddily coloured parrots, flying foxes, and snug tunnels of teeming green rainforest. On a bike, all this is but a skyward tilt of the helmet away.
The Sights
The Sounds you will hear nowhere else in the world, and you will only hear them on a bike: Birds of Paradise, cockatoos and parrots, bickering flying foxes, the power-station hum of cicadas, native green tree frogs; animals that have evolved to live in this most ancient remnant of the supercontinent Gondwana.
The Sounds
The Smells Rainforest fragrances are staggering in variety, from the wafting sweetness of fruit and nectar to the rich, earthy, exotic cologne of the cool cloud rainforest - a soul-stirring and heady mix.
The Smells
The Feel of rushing warm air riffling against your skin, cooling as you rise into the tropical highlands to an invigorating natural high.
The Feel
The Tastes of North Queensland tropical fruit, exotic seafood, lush dairy produce, wines and inventive bush tucker-laden cuisine.
The Tastes
Personalised Service: Your Choice of Riding Styles, Activities & Bikes
Above all, we thoroughly enjoy organising motorcycle adventures that are tailored to what YOU enjoy doing and seeing en route, and the style and speed of riding you enjoy. In the same way, our fleet of bikes span a wide range of styles and sizes. Just click on the thumbnails below to find out more about these carefully-selected bikes, and which of them are best for you and your needs.


All in all, here at Cairns Motorcycle Tours we understand that motorcyclists are individuals in spirit and accordingly we take the time to discuss your preferences and needs in order to meet your expectations and to actively exceed them.

We want you to go home with mile-wide smiles, giddy enthusiasm and cherished memories of your time motorcycling in Far North Queensland. Please feel free to make all your dreams known to us by emailing or calling us - anytime - on the numbers below and let us tell you more about motorcycling opportunities in Tropical North Queensland.

Whether you have half a day, a full day, two days or two weeks to ride, we look forward to showing you the very best the Reef, Rainforest and Outback have to offer. Just click on the graphics below to find out about our Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours, Rentals and Chauffeured (Passenger) Rides (because after all, why should motorcycle riders get all the fun? You don't even have to be a licenced motorcyclist to experience all this!

Guided Tours
Self-Guided Tours
Passenger Tours

"A motorcycling vacation or holiday in Tropical North Queensland delivers sensory overload of the

most joyous nature. Nowhere else in the world can you ride in total freedom through and around

such an exotic wealth of ancient and highly endemic rainforest, beside the world's largest and

most spectacular tropical coral reef system. To ride around Tropical North Queensland is to fully

immerse yourself in all this beauty."

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